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Our Earth is a living organ. Tribes know how to connect with the Earth through plant medicine, dance, music, sound etc. In the Western world we have lost this connection to Earth, and thus the connection to ourselves. We’ve learned from a young age that we are what we produce. The more money we have, the more validation we receive and the more “successful” we feel.

Our society and its competitive attitude, has created a massive distance between us, our true nature and our natural rhythm that is also the Earth’s rhythm, and rhythm of the universe. Because of this disassociation with our cosmos - we’re feeling lonely, we’re getting depressed, stressed, anxious and we create illnesses.

And whilst we’re trying so hard to be achievers in life, we’re working against greater cycles of nature without being aware of it. We’re pushing, and pushing, and it gets exhausting!

Now, imagine you are in flow with life where everyday is joyful and full of wonder! Imagine a life where you knew which path to walk on to be happy. How can you get there? Well, it’s actually very simple. Your body is the key! Your body is the temple of infinite wisdom as it holds the information to everything. Our bodies are fully entangled with the universe, and epigenetics show that DNA is not fixed. It can be activated with intention. We shift, adopt and modify according to our experiences, our beliefs and our environment.

In Body Awakening, we use the vibrations of sound, energy and intention as the doorway to awaken our body’s intelligence to reconnect with life’s flow, our Earth, the universe, and ultimately with Source. Through this spiritual awakening, also known as Kundalini awakening, we can easily tap into the quantum field that is everywhere around us and holds infinite amounts of energy. As our own energy flow becomes greater, we start feeling a greater connection with ourselves and all there is. We feel alive! A feeling that many have not experienced up to this point. And, the more our body vibrationally resonates with Source energy, the more access we gain to the infinite information that is stored in our body’s cells and DNA.

Body Awakening

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  • Review by Rachael Cox

    Rachael Cox

    "I have been fortunate enough to have come across this incredible woman in the last month. We have now had five sessions together - all different - all remarkable. During my most recent session I received an influx of divine light unlike anything I have ever felt. It completely changed my energetic vibration - it was as though I was being bathed in divine white light. My clarity, focus, purpose and sense of peace has been amplified as a direct result of this extraordinary energy. It's powerful stuff! Life changing."

  • Review by Jay Logan

    Jay Logan

    "The past few weeks have opened me up like I never could have imagined, daily life has become a beautiful and blissful experience. This new found energy that surges through the body pulls me into the moment and opens me up to the immense intensity of experience that was perhaps before overlooked. I feel a sense of unity with others and the environment as I move about my day. I feel so content in daily life."

  • Review by Heidi Lude

    Heidi Lude

    "I have had the pleasure of experiencing a few of Katrin's classes and would highly recommend them. Since my first class I've had experienced more energy, feelings of happiness and everything feeling wonderful. It has helped me to manifest my goals and help me with some healing and even releaved pain I have had for a long time in my body. It's definitely helping me to be my best self."

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