A journey of self-discovery

Hold on! What does “Kundalini Awakening” actually mean and what is it good for? Let’s clear up some stuff, because there is a lot of information available on the internet that may not always be accurate. Someone who has their Kundalini fully awakened becomes ‘Super Conscious’, which allows them to see beyond the human experience and tap into the knowledge of the Universe at anytime.

The journey of having your Kundalini fully awakened is indeed a journey, because it can take many years to get to the fully awakened state. However, the wonderful thing about it is that not only the fully awakened state will enrich your life. Once you start your Kundalini awakening journey, you will dissolve old belief patterns that hold you back from living a happy and fulfilling life. Your controlling mind will take the backseat in decision-making because your heart will lead the way. You will gain new confidence to follow your heart’s desires and start nurturing yourself and thus only pursue what is truly aligned with yourself. You will also receive great insights and a deeper understanding on who you are, and what you came here to do.

Surrender to your healing

If you’re interested in coming to my classes and workshops or booking a private session with me, it is important to know that every session is completely different. There is no rule book on how you should feel during the session or what you should experience.

What is my role in this? See me as the instrument that is played by the Divine energy. I’m Her assistant and I hold space for Her to enter the room to work with you. The Divine needs no guidance, she is all there is and she knows what needs to be done. And that means, you don’t need to have any experience with yoga, meditation or any other spiritual practises. It doesn’t actually matter in these sessions, because where you are right now is perfect.

Am I ready for my Kundalini journey? You are reading this, so you are ready for receiving the energy because you’re seeking spiritual growth, whether you’re aware of it consciously, or not. Thus, the best way to cooperate with the Divine energy is to surrender in your session and to trust that you only receive what you are meant to receive at this given moment in time.

A guided experience to your Kundalini awakening

People get worried about awaken their Kundalini when they hear about bad experiences. It does exist, but it only happens when chakras are opened prematurely. Thus it is important to be patient with your own Kundalini awakening journey. The Divine energy clears emotional blockages first before your chakras will fully open. Because of this process, your Kundalini awakening is a guided experience which allows you to integrate your healing and new learnings into your life in your own pace.

What happens in a Kundalini activation class?

In my classes and workshops, I conduct sound journeys and press meridians on your body to guide you into a deep meditative state (REM state) that allows you to activate your own Kundalini energy. Spontaneous movements can and do arise. You may release emotional blockages which may express themselves through heat or pressure in certain areas of your body. Whatever happens, trust that this is exactly what you’re supposed to receive at this given moment in time to heal specific aspects of your heart and soul which will enhance your personal life and spiritual growth. It’s an extremely loving and beautiful experience.

What are the long-term benefits?

A profound rewiring of the brain structure and central nervous system happens with continued exposure. You will eventually step into your authentic power where your personality comes to serve the energy of your soul. In this flow state and alignment with yourself, life becomes quite frankly magical. You will gain clarity and confidence on anything you do. And even more so, you will start living from your heart space and thus only pursue what serves you on a soul level to grow as a person and to live an empowered, happy and fulfilling life.

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