2-Day Kundalini Activation Workshop

August, 3rd & 4th (Weekend)

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Free your body & mind!

Kundalini energy is sooo incredibly beneficial to our body & mind that I find it extremely hard to even try to sum it up. I mean countless books are written about it, and not just recently, but Kundalini which essentially means “life force” goes way back to the ancient times, references can be found everywhere. Back then we knew so much more about it, and we used Kundalini energy effectively in our lives to manifest whatever we want and to grow spiritually. This profound knowledge got lost over the centuries for various reasons and we find ourselves back in the discovery phase.

As far as I can tell, having worked with over 500 people last year and exploring Kundalini energy on a daily basis - there is sooo much to it that oftentimes our mind finds it extremely difficult to comprehend how energy can determine our lives - how we think, how we feel, what we eat, who we're with, and so on. When we experience this powerful force at first hand, our mind is baffled and tries to analyse the experience to make sense out of it: “How can this be real, if I can’t see it?”. Eventually, our mind accepts the fact that it must be real because it can be felt in our bodies, undeniably, over and over again. Finally our mind surrenders and we start to trust this energy. And once we trust this energy, we start to trust life and THAT’s when the magical stuff happens. We can consciously manifest anything we want in life, and explore new worlds & realities that we’re hidden to us before.

To help you figure out if the 2-day Kundalini activation workshop is right for you, I have listed specific “wants” below. If you can see yourself in one or more, than YES! this weekend workshop is definitely for you.

  • You’re curious and want to explore Kundalini energy
  • You want to dissolve old belief patterns that hold you back in life
  • You want to release physical pain, anxiety, depression, self-doubt etc.
  • You want to strengthen your immune system
  • You want to discover your powerful self
  • You want to live a healthier life
  • You want to become more heart-centred and allow yourself to receive love
  • You want become more present, focused and happy in everyday life
  • You want to feel more connected to life, relationships and yourself

In this 2-day workshop your Kundalini energy will be activated and strengthened. You will dive deep into your own Kundalini awakening and start your process of expanding your consciousness. You will release emotional blockages and old energy that are stuck in your body to create a new powerful energy flow that will strengthen your body & mind and will raise your vibration. To sum it up, this new gained energy will positively affect your life, relationships and work on all levels.

Wow! Sounds big! And, it is! It will transform your life! I’m not kidding. This is the real deal! As I mentioned earlier - there are just sooo many benefits, it’s so hard to sum it up on here. However, to give you more clarity - I listed below some of the powerful benefits that Kundalini activation workshop participants have experienced:

  • Experiencing positive shifts in body & mind
  • Releasing fear, self-doubt, anxiety and stress
  • Discovering inner strength and the powerful self
  • Getting profound insights on life and one's purpose
  • Being more present and focused in every day
  • Releasing emotional blockages and deep suppressed trauma
  • Receiving an enhanced energy flow that strengthens body & mind
  • Naturally adopting a healthy diet (automatically, with no effort!)
  • Being more active in life, wanting to do things
  • Feeling more alive and experiencing more joy
  • Becoming more confident and speaking up for themselves
  • Increased intuition and creativity
  • Expanded consciousness, feeling of oneness and bliss

After this weekend, you will have developed a new sense of self. The 2 days of Kundalini activation will accelerate your spiritual growth in discovering who you are and what you came here to do. Be aware, this weekend can be the start for life changing events to occur. If that sounds exciting to you than you are ready to start this extraordinary journey! Reach out to me for any questions and to book your spot.

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Dive deep into your body, and explore energy like never before.


Saturday, 3rd August ..... 10:30am to 6pm
Sunday, 4th August ....... 10:30am to 6pm


Collective Healing Centre
199 King Street
Newtown NSW 2042

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Are you eligible to attend?

It is recommended that you attend at least 1 open class before booking this workshop. If you are unable to attend an open class in Sydney before the workshop, please contact me to discuss if this workshop will be right for you.

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What's Kundalini activation
good for?

Immediate Benefits

The newly awakened Kundalini energy will allow you to feel more present. You become more aware of your senses, bodily functions and energy levels. This awakening can also make you feel more at peace and enable you to approach life with a calmer state of mind.

For the Chakras

Kundalini awakening will balance and coordinate the chakras, energy centers in your body. When the Kundalini energy rises up through the chakras, there is a definite change of consciousness and a noticeable transformation within yourself. Ultimately, the awakening of Kundalini will lead you to "universal oneness", or enlightenment.

Other Health Benefits

The likely health benefits of awakening the Kundalini include clarity of thought, improved memory skills and greater physical strength.


Who can join this workshop?

People with no Kundalini experience but also people with active Kundalini and dormant Kundalini come to this workshop. As we’re all on our own individual spiritual journey, each participant will have their own unique Kundalini experience. In this workshop, your Kundalini is activated (or re-activated) in order to allow the energy to run its course through your body and to continue its spiritual maturing process. We will have several extended group sessions on both days that allow you to dive deep into this practise. The workshop additionally offers learning modules where you will be taught everything you need to know about Kundalini, from its origins to different methods to activate and strengthen your Kundalini over time. These teachings serve as a solid foundation to continue exploring and growing your Kundalini energy after this workshop.

How does Kundalini activation work?

You lay down on your yoga mat in Savasana (corpse pose) to relax. The Kundalini facilitator takes you on a powerful music journey to guide you into a deep state of surrender that allows you to activate your own Kundalini energy. Spontaneous movements can arise, and you may release emotional blockages which can be expressed by feeling heat or pressure in certain areas of your body. Some also receive deep insights and experience profound changes in the coming days after class.

Who facilitates this workshop?

Hi! My name is Katrin Süß aka Wildfrau. In my classes & workshops, I guide you into a deep state of surrender which allows you to activate your own Kundalini energy.

I’m new to Kundalini! What do I need to know?

You don’t need to have any previous experience with Kundalini, yoga or meditation to join this workshop. Anyone interested in starting or continuing their Kundalini awakening journey can participate! The workshop teaches you everything you need to know about Kundalini and provides helpful guidance for your Kundalini awakening.

What should I bring to the workshop?

Wear comfortable clothes, bring your yoga mat & water bottle.

Book your spot for $750

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